An old european city


Idea: The river runs through the city.
(Theme) A city divided.

Idea: The city has old foundations, deep history.
(Theme) Old blood binds.

Idea: Black Court vampires have arrived in town.
(Threat) Disrupted power.

Mundane status quo:
An uneasy truce keeps the peace between and within the templars and crime families who rule over the city.
Supernatural status quo:
The templars keep the faith and old traditions going.


The former site of a bloody battle between an order of the Knights Templar and Oarabas the demon; whom at the time was holding a village enthralled to his will. Under the guidance of Sir Gauthier, at the demon’s defeat all trace of the village was destroyed and a monastery was built. Fearing that the demon as not truly slain, Gauthier had the temple built above the demon’s resting place to act as a seal should Orobas reawaken.

A small detachment of Templars remained at the site to watch over the monastery should the demon break free of the seal. As a city grew up around the temple, the Templars and their descendants ensured that they held the majority of power; so the network that formed the demon’s prison would not be disturbed.

In recent centuries the powerful and wealthy families have started to work together in effort to obtain more power for themselves – snatching full control away from the Templars until they were acknowledged as equals and struck an uneasy truce with one another.



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