werelynx head librarian


High Concept: Werelynx Head librarian
Trouble: Hiding were-form from Templars
Happy bookworm
I’m smarter than you all
I can dig that up
I want to belong

Physical stress: 3
Mental stress: 2
Social stress: 2

Beast Stress
Physical stress: 4
Mental stress: 2
Social stress: 2

Superb: Scholarship
Great: Investigation, Discipline
Good: Alertness, Lore
Fair: Stealth, Survival
Average: Resources, Endurance

Beast Skills
Superb: Athletics
Great: Alertness, Stealth
Good: Endurance, Survival
Fair: Fists, Intimidation
Average: Discipline, Might

Stunts and Powers
-1 Beast Change (Beast Form, Skill Shuffle)
-1 Inhuman Recovery (Total Recovery, Fast Recovery, Vigorous, Shrug It Off)
-2 Inhuman Speed (Improved Initiative, Athletic Ability, Casual Movement, Almost Too Fast To See)
-1 Claws (+1 physical stress when using Fists)
+1 Human Form (Regular Jane)
-1 Echoes of the Beast (Beast Senses, Beast Trappings, Beast Friend)

Refresh: 2

Beast Senses: Strong senses, even in human from. +1 to investigation or alertness rolls when lynx senses would benefit.
Beast Trappings: While in human form, able to do one minor thing that normal people can’t do, related to abilities of a lynx.
Beast Friend: You understand felines.

Total Recovery: Given enough time, you can heal from almost any injury.
Fast Recovery: Consequences are treated as one level lower, outside of combat.
Vigorous: Lack rest causes no ill effects.
Shrug It Off: Once per scene, in combat, a mild physical consequence can be cleared away.

Improved Initiative: Alertness is at +4 for purpose of Initiative.
Athletic Ability: +1 to Athletics checks, +2 for Sprinting.
Casual Movement: Can move 1 zone as part of an action without it being a supplemental action.
Almost Too Fast To See: Movement difficulties relating to stealth are reduced by 2.



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