Shadows over Pendergast

Tonight In Pendergast!

The shapeshifter, the kinetomancer, and the changeling broke into a minor mob boss’s lair while he was there, where they were led, at gunpoint, to have a chat with the fellow. After an exchange of threats and manipulations, the three were allowed to leave, finding themselves at yet another dead end.

The next morning, Kitty (the shapeshifter) woke up frazzled after a rather distressing nightmare. She opted not to share her night of freakish thoughts with her two friends and returned to work at the templar owned library where one of the knights templar, young Ioan who had previously contracted her and the two others to help him hunt down and kill a black court vampire who had killed his only brother, approached her, distraught and angry for the three had been seen sitting at the hotel bar, having a chat with a vamp. He threatened to expose her secret, which he had discovered by accident, to the other templars which would mean she’d be hunted down and killed by her own employers. Noticing his torn cloak she countered with pointing out the tear and how it seemed similar to the piece of cloak found at a murder scene in the hotel kitchen. Should he be found guilty of killing a gang-member there, he would have been in violation of Neutral Ground, something that which would likely cost him his freedom if not his life and would surely cause an all out war between the two high strung factions of the city.
Hearing sirens in the distance he swore his innocence and begged her to help him, to hide him. Seeing as he was genuinely afraid for his life, and seeing as she desperately desired some acceptance from others, she agreed.

Meanwhile, back at the hotel, the kinetomancer was doing some of the chores to pay for his tab and his room when he was approached by a minor practitioner, who asked him to look into a lost family heirloom which his ex girlfriend had supposedly stolen. Being somewhat of a con man, the sorcerer had no difficulty manipulating the girl to hand him her box of valuables to stash in the hotel safe.
The changeling was awoken in his room by a phonecall from one of his old friends from his days when he did odd jobs for the local mafia. He had been spotted the night before and was being asked to promise his allegiance to the newly broken away fragment of the mob and support the don’s son to become the new leader. He lied and gave his word, but he may yet accept his fae heritage, at which point his word may become more binding.
The kinetomancer informed the changeling of what he was up to and got the changeling to give him access to the safe, where he proceeded to rummage through the young girl’s possessions, looking for the lost heirloom. Instead he found a generous assortment of other jewellery and a bundle of money to the value of approximately two thousand dollars.

The police arrived at the library, and the shapeshifter was able to deceive them and tell them that she had not seen the missing templar. The police informed her that they’d post an officer in a civillian car outside to keep an eye out for the suspected murderer, and to keep the mousy woman safe.
When the cops left, she called the kinetomancer and the changeling, looking for backup to help her get the young templar somewhere where he can be safely hidden away.



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